Passion is a funny and fleeting thing – at times void of common sense.

Colleague and Radio Genius Fred Jacobs recently reflected on radio as a career.

Job satisfaction and Careercast’s list of the 10 Worst Jobs in 2017.

Read Fred’s take on why the survey missed the mark – HERE.

Read the original Careercast’s article – HERE.

It jogged memory – from a Robinson Report – written nearly 10 years ago.

Clearly, passion is – at times – viewed as a blind liability.

But – gauging by the passionate responses of a decade ago – radio clearly brings a load of satisfaction.

The response was – well, YOU read those responses:

As a 25-year veteran (and survivor) of radio, the number one reason has always been our unique ability to reach out and make a difference in our community, through fundraisers, service projects, and local involvement in so many aspects.

Alan Clepper – KOFM (Still there!)

Lunch with Warren Zevon – getting mail from Chris Isaak – relating LOCALLY, even when tracking.

 Sybil McGuire – WRVA (Now 105.9 Sunny FM)

Radio is ubiquitous – give me a disaster of some kind that takes out electricity and leaves us with batteries. Radio wins.

Rich Strong – KTNI-FM/KONN-FM (Now Anchor – USA Networks)

In this day and age, message (content) is the new “local”, and distribution (on various platforms) is crucial. Radio is a very important part of the delivery puzzle.

Haz Montana – Univision Radio (Still there!)We all sound alike. In my baby years in the business, even in small town stations there always seemed to be at least one person that stood out due to their passion for on air work. We recently hired a local guy to do mornings for one of our stations. Although he has never been in this business, he approaches each air shift with joy and enthusiasm.

Ken Hollingsworth – WBKN/WMJU (Still there!)

Radio is the one career where you can actually affect the lives (in a positive manner) of the community you live in.

Tom Sheldon – KSTR (Now at KMOZ)

Local is the most powerful word in our radio stations and in our mission statement. We can still touch people every day with meaningful content. Our business is not run by management – it’s run by the talent that responds to the listener.

John A. Wharff, III – Jawco, Inc. (Still there!)                                               

The chance to be a public servant. It’s the phone calls where a listener says that my being on the air is a friendly connection.

Mandee Montana – KKUS 104.1 FM (Now Mix 93.1)

Radio gives you the ability and opportunity to MAKE a difference in the lives of your listeners and communities. Only local radio can raise money, food, and clothing for listeners that lost their homes to a fire.

Rich Summers – Citadel Broadcasting (Now Townsquare Media)

Radio is still a business of creativity that can reward someone with writing and performing skills.

Randy Raley – Great Plains Broadcasting (Now CBS Radio)

No matter the format, the reason you must desire a career in radio is the chance everyday to keep someone company.

Susie Martin – WATZ-WRGZ (Still there – semi-retired!)

To be one of the approximately 30,000 on-air people in this industry, speaking to 300 MILLION, is quite an honor.

 Jay Philpott – WARH (Now Cumulus – Atlanta – but headed NORTH)

Radio is still a career to embrace because no other medium replicate radio’s localism (and) our ability to achieve an intimate, on-to-one connection in an increasingly disconnected society.

John Spencer – LaSalle County Broadcasting (Still there!)

They can’t ship your job overseas, at least while interviewing interesting people and develop a savvy and informed ear.

Todd Berryman – 92.3 WTTS (Still there!)

An outlet for creativity unlike no other – and Chicks, Man! (plus, I never have to buy another t-shirt!)

Ron Ron – Regent Broadcasting(Now Sirius/XM)

Your passion – from a 2017 perspective?

We’ll compile a list of new fulfilling, passion lines here in a few weeks.

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