“We are stardust, we are golden
We are billion year old carbon
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden”  -Crosby, Still & Nash

Woodstock was all about – The Fringe

The Fringe is where interesting – happens.

Example – every photograph has a main theme.

The shutter is snapped for the eye to see – the central item.

However, what is on the peripheral gives the photo character.


Here you go – the below photo has a central subject.

Zoom out and watch how the fringe takes your mind a touch deeper.

The same goes with the pictures you paint on the radio.

Another quick example – the following tight headshot from somewhere deep in the 80’s:

Zoom out and the picture reveals greater depth – albeit somewhat embarrassing.

There’s much to learn from – The Fringe.

As a story-teller, you have a generous level of acceptance simply by relating your

experience – with conflict – in a humorous way.

Rush Limbaugh’s affection for cigars.

Bobby Bones’ childhood.

Jen Myers and her courageous cancer battle.

Details that paint a broader picture of the voice rumbling the speakers.

To build a deep relationship and get the audience to LOVE you – zoom out.
Show ‘em The Fringe.

To paraphrase Charles Osgood, the ‘fringe’ lets us ‘see you on the radio’.


Next up: The 2.5 Million Dollar – Day

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