“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.” –Ira Glass

I do it – you do it.

My wife, kids, friends and colleagues all do it.

Good chance you’ll do it before fishing this read.

Millions have been spent on NOT doing it while driving.

-The Second Screen-

And NOT the ‘Enhancing the Experience’ breed of Second Screen.

That moment – watching television checking e-mail on your iPad.

In-car radio on, reading a just-arrived notification.

Even worse – texting.

This distracting experience is game-on in normal conversation, speech-giving, seminar work.

Two screens, two things – missing 50% of content on each.

There’s only ONE thing you can do to make it stop.

Well-crafted, fascinating – stories.

With an engaging story – well told – you captivate audience.

Long before ‘screens’, Paul Harvey and Casey Kasem had it figured out.

Never did we click away from The Rest of the Story or a Long Distance Dedication.

Today, find story-tellers isolating themselves from The Second Screen include Ira Glass.

Or – at TED.

Build your dialogue with lean-forward content and rock-solid wordsmithing.

Suck the power out of The Second Screen

                                                           Next Week – We Do What We Do


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