In February, you may have read THIS article on – on The True Threat.

No longer is it simply morning TV – or any other screen.

Nor is The True Threat far from The Connected Dashboard, Podcasting or Second Screening.


The True Threat is – Us.

Marketing blogger Seth Godin refers to this as Optimize vs. Maximize.

Although it goes against the current, Social Media is a focus grinder.

All of THAT – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat (shiny new toys) – has taken focus off The Mother Ship.

If it weren’t for The Mother Ship, none of THAT would matter.

Optimizing – or Maximizing.

Optimizing time – for The Mother Ship.

Hyper-targeted content – time discipline – effective appointment scheduling.

When a brand stumbles, it’s usually lack focus.

Log your time this week – if you are focusing MORE on non-Mothers Ship issues – you will lose.

THIS – points out parallels of other brands self-inflicted wounds:

Tradition media has rendered The Mother Ship – rudderless.

“Technology – is NOT the REAL disruptor”.

Focusing on the icing (digital) and not the cake (brand) for your customer – is.

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